About Us

What is Stinko’s Las Vegas?

 Stinko, aka Steven Stewart-Clark, is an artist based in floral event work and mixed media art. His passion for entertainment, events, and supporting local artists has brought him to Las Vegas to make his and many others’ dreams come true. 

 By sharing in the wealth of a successful floral and event decor business, Stinko’s Las Vegas plans to become a pillar of the Las Vegas community in promoting fellow artists, musicians, and performers alike.

 Plans for the 4000 sq.ft. “Stinko’s Las Vegas” includes a fully equipped stage, art gallery, open indoor/outdoor garden space, multi-purpose area, glass ”atrium” cooler, and fully functional floral design center.

 The community will be able to gather, share, perform, and most importantly, allow Stinko’s Las Vegas to showcase and promote the many individual talents that a metropolitan community such as Las Vegas has to offer!

 As a child, owner and designer Steven Stewart-Clark grew up in rural Massachusetts where he always had ample supply of fields and forests to play in. He found himself always pillaging and collecting odd twigs, branches, greenery, and anything else that caught his eye. Each day, after returning home with a piece of natural art that he had made from his findings, his parents would always call him “Stinko” because he would be filthy dirty, yet holding something strangely beautiful. The nickname stuck with him for life and as he began to hone his skills, he took on the artistic name of Stinko.